Spline text
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Cinema 4d r13

Spline Text (4827)

Enjoy this fantastic tutorial and download free cinema 4d project. Send us your results, or add to our vimeo channel. A special thanks to weare17.com team for audio file i used on this tutorial. Many people ask me how I texturized this project, well i use VRAY TEXTURE PACK I think a great collection of rare and sophisticated materials.

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32 Comments to Spline text

  1. Louis

    beautiful animation!
    Great tutorial

    • Alessandro Boncio

      Thanx a lot Luis!!! :)

  2. Adil Farhan

    Gud job and great tutorial..
    Thanks dude :)

  3. Ah man, I loved this tutorial, and your such a down too earth funny guy hahaha! I laughed through this as well, but yeah great tutorial though, what drew me in quite a bit was the render. I’m.. Alright with animations but need too learn more about rendering, I have v-ray but it escapes me.

    Though, bloody great tutorial look forward too seeing a lot more!!


    Also if you could, email me, or i’ll email you :)

    • Alessandro Boncio

      Hehehe I put it on vimeo a new version without swearing and yelling.
      In this version, no child has been abused :) :)

      • Ahahaha child abused :p

        Thanks for the email keep it up, +1 fan

      • Felix Ricklefs

        You’re the best,thanks for a very good tutorial! One thing I was just wondering. I have tried out to use the Boole Toole to cut the top of the letter K, but when I do this the colors will change? How come that the Boole tool changes the colors that I created from a shader effector? attached to an cloner object?? I really need help with this one, I have tried to search and solve the problem without any fu*****success. Thanks for all the help I can get.

  4. Beautiful.


  5. nice thanks

  6. Isaias

    Great tutorial THANKS!!
    Just one thing, I am trying to use the step effector to ofset the time of the clones but it is not working for me :( I am using C4D 10.11

    • Isaias

      Oh!! Never mind, the problem was that in the cloner I had “render (instances)” to on, sorry i’m ignorant

  7. DARKwin

    lo maximo esos tutoriales es lo q buscaba…

    • Alessandro Boncio

      :) I don’t know what you mean….but thanx anyway!!!! :)

  8. Dinesh

    Thanks man what a great tutorial i love it…

    • Alessandro Boncio

      Thanx a lot Dinesh!

  9. mahmood

    can you tell me how to do effect in last text

    • Alessandro Boncio

      Sorry mahmood i don’t understand the question, can you explain?

  10. mahmood

    no problem i do it (tutorial)

    check it here


    thank a lot man

    tell me your opinion


    can you make tutorial for adidas intro in this video


    sorry for my bad english

  11. Gustav Hernandez


    Stunning piece of work!! thanks for sharing.

  12. Alex Ambroziak

    Fantastic! Thank you for making this.

  13. Pedro Luis

    You are a genuine specialist in C4D. I have not done the exercise yet, but I am anxious to have free time and I´ll do.
    Thanks for this tutos so good.

    • Alessandro Boncio

      Thanx a lot Pedro!
      Your words means a lot for me!

  14. Ivan

    Great work Alessandro. Really helpful.

    Are you going to make a future tutorial to explain how you did the lighting using VRay in Cinema 4D?

    The challenge for me is to get it to look as good as your render.

    Keep up the great work and free models.

    • Alessandro Boncio

      I will do much more in future…. really amazing news…. ;)

  15. Salmen

    Ho dei problemi con la G , praticamente con mograph si sovrappongono i materiali e mi creano delle macchie , come potrei risolvere ?

    Complimenti per i tutorial

    • Alessandro Boncio

      In realtà se non ricordo male la G l’ho fatta con un cerchio (spline)……

  16. great work iam an kuwaity


  17. Charles Duval

    Awesome tutorial this helps a lot, only thing is im having trouble
    getting the spline to move with the bend deformer, im following it exactly ,
    do you think since im using Cinema R12 Studio the dynamics are different?
    I really wanna figure this out!

    - Charles

    • Alessandro Boncio

      Yes charls, the problem is that r12 doesn’t allow points animation.

  18. Flexihood

    Great but i think u should have added random effector

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