Back From Holidays!
We are back from holidays and we want make a present for all our followers, a great Hdri scene preset. Simple to use but really helpfull!

Download, open, load your hdri image and…… Render! You can change background color, play with gamma and gamma correction to give to your render a different taste and switch on/off ambient occlusion. Few clicks to have clean renders like these!

Click Here to Download Free HDRI Scene Setup

4 Comments to HDRI FREEBIE

  1. Javier

    Muchas gracias Alessandro

    • Alessandro Boncio

      De nada!

  2. Alessandro Boncio

    Hey guys please, share on soclial network if you like, maybe you can click below!!! ;)

  3. niall

    Thanks for sharing the preset and for all the great free tutorials.

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