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Vray Texture Pack

Hi all, today i want to talk you about vray texture pack, a collection of 50 professional and high resolution materials. This pack is dedicated to all motion designers that are searching for photorealistic renderings. The feedback we have by our customers is uncredible, vray texture pack gives the best on:






This images are textured with vray texture pack and show you how it’s easy get professional results, detailed, and that make your job a great work!

Have fun with vray texure pack and send us rendering you made!

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13 thoughts on “Vray Texture Pack

  1. Ma un post in duplice lingua no? Mi sembra eccessivo rinunciare all’italiano, dato che il dominio รจ .it :/

    1. Of course! ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Ciao Realiize, ci stiamo pensando, credo che i prossimi post saranno in duplice lingua come spero anche i tutorials, mentre i nostri prodotti saranno realizzati solo in lingua inglese, ma ancora รจ tutto un work’n progress.

  2. Altrimenti potreste direttamente far si che nella home del sito si possa scegliere la lingua fra inglese e italiano. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I found your website through a random stroke of luck. It helped me do my research on this topic. I have spent lots of time looking through your site. You have something good going here, keep it up!

  4. Hey man, awesome Spline Text tutorial, big congrats on that one as well for the other tutorials in your site and in Vimeo, you’re very talented, I was able to follow it from beginning to end.

    Hey I’m considering to buy your Vray texture kit, but I have not idea how to work with Vray, it will be very awesome if you make a tutorial about Vray, how to render, how to set cameras and materials inside Vray, I think many people like me will be animated to buy your textures having a bit of knowledge in how to use it, I’m in C4D 12 and waiting to upgrade and also have Vray installed but I can’t use it, I’ll appreciate a tutorial on that, also I do 360ยฐ panoramas and I knoe that Vray is capable to render a full 360ยฐ panorama using the “camera box” feature, but I’m clueless so if you know about it, please give me a hand, I need it desperate for my work.
    Well man keep the awesome work and I hope you listen to me and make some tuts for Vray.
    Take care.

    1. hello, thanks for your comment, really interesting. These days I’m working on some projects but I assure you that I’m creating a tutorial on using Vray.

      P.s thanx also for your comment about my tutorials! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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